DOIberica is the main Spanish FMCG Import/Export Company. We have offices and warehouse in Spain. We also have account in mayor bonded warehouses around Europe

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Being a leader in Spain and leader in marketing product marketing in Europe gives us access to major brands. The internationally recognized, most representative brands are part of our catalog, in order to offer the best quality and service to our customers.


The security offered working with a strong supplier with a full range of products and with the advantage of having a global infrastructure in a global environment. We channel the needs of our customers, offering all the services from start to finish of every transaction available.


The trust of having a wide range of products, all European manufacturing and under the most stringent quality controls. Confidence that in any way may acquire fake products as our suppliers and manufacturers are highly recognized.


Experience of been work in this market for more than six years, with thousands of tons sold and delivered, with the formalities and more stringent customs documents, with clients around the world, Uruguay, Russia, Singapore, New Zealand, the US, Kenya and many more, and with the security, confidence and leadership that only a company like us can give.

Our goal is customer satisfaction, so our level of commitment is maximum.


DOIbérica has the necessary resources to undertake any project for our customers, providing high volume merchandise to various countries, mainly due to the economic strength that allows one of the leading distributors in Europe.

Purchase Global

DOIberica is a FMCG brand export division of mayor company, providing and supplying strategies for importers and wholesalers. We specialize in main European and International brands on parallel market for established retailers to streamline their business and open new markets. As exporters, our unique insight is to bring products and services where our customers need them, enabling them to become more competitive and gain market share.

Our wide range of products and our professional service ensures that importers, purchase platforms and wholesalers have the best purchase options what gives them more sale possibilities and better range available in the market.

Deliver Global

In a global consumer market, wholesalers / exporters must be prepared to offer customers any type of service, which requires you to be prepared to supply goods from anywhere in Europe directly to destination.

In DOIbérica we have the best international shipping companies, managing air, sea and road traffic. From any port or airport in Europe to any destination in the world, where quality of service is fully guaranteed. Any advantage to cut costs and reduce delivery times to our customers is a mandatory task for our company.

The main goal of DOIbérica is to export where consumers need to take advantage with variety and get the best delivery time.


DOIberica is the Import / Export Division of one of the biggest Distributors in Spain, with over 50 years of experience in the Spanish market, distributing FMCG products from retailers to HORECA.

If you want to know more about our company, you can download our Company Profile at the link below.

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